Ultrasound Cavitation

40K Focused Ultrasound Cavitation

Ultrasound cavitation is a safe procedure that can remove fat deposits from the abdomen, chin, arms, buttocks, and thighs without any pain. The treatment is safe: no surgery, no knife, no pain and is non-invasive. It's an effective method to rid superficial fat accumulation and it is remarkably effective in eliminating cellulite. The session takes only 30 to 90 minutes.

Advantages of 40K Focused Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment:

Lipocontour-Ultrasound-Cavitation-before-afterBefore and after results!


  • Skin texture
  • Body contouring and reshaping
  • Lymph and blood circulation
  • Cellulite therapy
  • Tightening of connective tissue

What happens to the fat after treatment?

Fat is nature's way of storing excess energy but sometimes those annoying bulges and cellulite ripples are less than desirable.

Fat is efficient in storing energy as it takes up very little space and does not require a lot of water when stored in a cell. Up to 75% of the volume of fat cells is occupied with fat in the form of triglycerides or free fatty acids. Adipose tissue is specialized connective tissue which functions as the major storage site for fat. This adipose tissue containing these fat cells is essential to the body's organs, however not everyone will carry adipose tissue in the same body locations.

For women the adipose tissue tends to accumulate in the lower body. Where as for men it tends to have more body distribution. As an individual ages body fat distribution may change. For example, after menopause a change towards more upper body distribution is observed. It is important to distinguish between the type of annoying little bulges or cellulite we discuss here as opposed to obesity.


Permanently removes fat on the:

  • Abdomen
  • "Love handles" or Flanks
  • "Saddle bags" or Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Upper Arms
  • Inner Knees
  • Male Breats

How Does It Work?

Ultrasound cavitation is based on the low frequency waves which form small gas bubbles called cavitational bubbles, contributing to the reduction of fat forming cell membranes. At the end, fat is absorbed by the lymph and drained out through the lymphatic system. 

As a result of this process, the ultrasonic breaks down fat cells and releases triglycerides. Then they're collected by the circulatory and lymphatic systems, most of them eliminated by the kidneys or become lipoproteins in the liver.


Follow a low calorie and healthy diet
Drink 8 glasses of water a day before and after treatment

You will see immediate results after the first session. It is necessary to have between 8 and 12 sessions for optimum results.


$50 for 45 minute treatment
$135 for 3 treatments