Personal Training

Here at Great Shapes Fitness for Women, we have 3 Personal Trainers who are ready to help you achieve your fitness goals!

What is Personal Training?

Professional training is a guided exercise plan or session for the safest and most timely obtainment of physical fitness, recreation, sport performance, or other physical goal obtainment.

Why use a Personal Trainer?

Showing up is much of the battle. When your Personal Trainer meets you at a specific appointment time, you'll show up and more likely follow through with independent sessions that may be reviewed and considered during the guided sessions with trainers.
Surround yourself with positive people and you will be more positive. You can expect your personal trainer to be positive, in addition to providing helpful strategies to maintain motivation necessary for adherence to your programs.
When followed consistently, exercises performed properly with good form, will yield results with reduced risk of injury. Your personal Trainer will assist you in the mapping of your goals and the design of your exercise program.
The right change (progression) of exercises, repetitions, weights, sets, and techniques are critical to the prevention of injury and surest obtainment of results. Your Personal Trainer keeps ongoing tabs on your response to your program and the appropriate progression to your goals.
Over time or even in a single personal training session, exercise concepts, methods, and technique can be learned and used throughout one's exercise program for years to come.
A Personal Trainer is a professional that can spend time and energy necessary to ensure your program is on target, thereby assuring you that your time and energy is well spent. The removal of doubt can settle you and energize you for your program as well as other areas of life.


1 session for $35

Buy 3 Sessions for $100 (Save $5)

Buy 5 get 1 Free= 6 for $175 (Save $35)

Buy 10 get 2 Free= 12 for $350 (Save $70)

Buy 15 get 3 Free= 18 for $525 (Save $105)

Buy 20 get 4 Free= 24 for $700 (Save $140)

Buy 25 get 5 Free= 30 for $875.00 (Save $175)

Buy 30 get 6 Free= 36 for $1,050 (Save $210)

Group Rates

Groups of 2 buy 6 sessions for $120 each (Save $90 each)

Groups of 3 buy 6 sessions for $108 each (Save $102 each)

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