Class Descriptions

Biggest Loser Challenge:

This is a 6 week contest that is an extra charge for members or non-members. Weekly workouts with a personal trainer, weekly weigh ins, food journals required each week and a lot of accountability is required. The contestant that loses the largest percentage of body weight at the end of the 6 week challenge can win up to $200 in cash. Our goal is to promote a lifelong commitment to exercise, good eating habits and healthy choices. We want every challenger to walk away from the BLC with successful weight loss, better knowledge and understanding of their bodies, and a good feeling of accomplishment.

Body Blast/United Blues:

One hour of low impact cardio that’s designed to unite all ages, shapes and fitness levels. Blue Unique (Jerri Locke) keeps the heart pumping as her group laughs as they sweat! This universal fitness routine is designed to help women commit to getting and staying fit. We become united, we workout united, we stay because we are united! Let’s Sweat Blue!

Body Sculpting:

For all fitness levels. A 1 hour workout that starts with active limbering warm-up. Use of dumbbell weights, Dyna Bands, Exer-Tubing, Resist-A-Balls, and Mat Exercises for toning and strengthening the muscles. Little to no aerobics in this class.


A fast paced, 60 minute, full body workout focusing on weight training utilizing pump techniques punctuated by 3-5 minutes of intense cardio moves. We will train all muscles of the body with bar and dumb bells along with participants body mass and use various boot camp, step and calisthenic moves for our cardio. Warm up and cool down always included.

Pump it!

Pump it!

Gold Programs:

Designed for the beginner, mature adult, de-conditioned, pre & post pregnant women, and women recovering from illness or injury. Featuring Zumba Gold, Gold Pilates, Gold Conditioning and Gold Circuit. Special times are set aside in the gym for this program plus special non-member rates are available.

Pilates Mat Exercises:

For all fitness levels this 45 min. to 1 hour class is designed to increase strength, flexibility and balance of the entire body through mindful movement, core stabilization, and unified body movement. It is based on yoga, dance, and sports rehab conditioning. Mat Science, Reebok Flexible Strength and Pilates moves are utilized in this workout.


A toning and conditioning class with weights that is for just about everybody. It's perfect for anyone who wants to add strength training into their aerobic workout. The simplicity of the class makes Pump a great starting point to develop strength and confidence. Hot sounds and compelling choreography keep you going through each 45 minute or 1 hour workout.

Remember to stretch

Remember to stretch

Strong by Zumba:

Incorporates the high intensity interval training method known as HIIT with a Zumba twist. Moves such as high knees, burpees and jumping jacks are interchanges with lower intensity moves like lunges, jump rope and kickboxing, making the class doable even for those starting out less fit.


Hatha yoga involves the practice of a precise series of exercise positions. This class is designed to improve health and mental concentration, along with physical strengthening and flexibility.


The hottest thing in group exercise classes right now. Latin inspired dance fitness that combines slow and fast rhythms for a fun cardio and muscle toning workout. Easy to follow steps that target arms, legs, gluteus, and core. Fun, different, easy and effective.